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1 Failure detection for series systems when tests are unreliable Shahmoradi, Zahed; Ünlüyurt, Tonguç 2018 Uncategorized Online version
2 Application of MLP-ANN as novel tool for estimation of effect of inhibitors on asphaltene precipitation reduction Baghban, Alireza; Hekmati, Rasoul 2018 Uncategorized Online version
3 Multiscale Geometric Design Principles Applied to 3D Printed Schwarzites Ajayan, Seyed Mohammad Sajadi Peter Samora Owuor Steven Schara Cristiano F. Woellner Varlei Rodrigues Robert Vajtai Jun Lou Douglas S. Galvão Chandra Sekhar Tiwary Pulickel M. 2018 Uncategorized Online version
4 Efficiency of the QR class estimator in semiparametric regression models to combat multicollinearity Roozbeh, Mahdi; Najarian, Mohammad 2018 Uncategorized Online version
5 Levelized Resiliency Assessment of Interdependent Natural Gas and Electric Power Systems Najarian, Mohammad; Lim, Gino J; Barati, Masoud 2018 Uncategorized
6 Robust Optimization on Power System Restoration Following a Hurricane Abbasi, Saeedeh; Barati, Masoud; Lim, Gino J 2018 Uncategorized
7 Sequential testing in batches Daldal, Rebi; Özlük, Özgür; Selçuk, Barış; Shahmoradi, Zahed; Ünlüyurt, Tonguç 2017 Uncategorized Online version
8 A Parallel Sectionalized Restoration Scheme for Resilient Smart Grid Systems Abbasi, Saeedeh; Barati, Masoud; Lim, Gino J 2017 Uncategorized Online version
9 Utilizing Artificial Neural Networks to Predict Demand for Weather Sensitive Products at Retail Stores Taghizadeh, Elham 2017 Uncategorized Online version
10 Multi-objective modeling for preventive maintenance scheduling in a multiple production line EbrahimipourEmail, V.; Najjarbashi, A.; Sheikhalishahi, M. 2015 Uncategorized Online version
11 New Ridge Regression Estimator in Semiparametric Regression Models Roozbeh, Mahdi; Arashi, Mohammad 2015 Uncategorized Online version
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